Calgary Beach Volleyball




The beach volleyball camps in the summer have provided me with everything I could have wanted- fun, great instruction, creative drills and long lasting effects. Dr. Corrado started up the camp a couple of years ago, with a few ‘guinea pigs’ and lots of great ideas. Each year it has grown to include more coaches, more campers and, of course, many more drills. I had played beach a couple years recreationally, keeping in shape for the indoor season, but wanted to become competitive and
learn everything beach volleyball has to offer. That’s exactly what Dr. Corrado provided me with his camp. I indeed learned a bit of everything- defense, offense, technique, shot selection, and strategy. The game of beach volleyball is quite different than indoor, and being a setter, it definitely took some time to adjust my mindset and techniques to the game on the sand. The great selection of coaches
provided campers with different perspectives, and new drills which makes the camp different and interesting each year. Dr. Corrado also creates a unique balance between beach volleyball and training; a combination that is fun and challenging. His training, in between sections of volleyball drills, always pushes campers to their personal limits, while ensuring everyone is smiling and having a good time.
By the end of the camp, I always felt confident in what I learned and improved on and ready to go into competitions or league games.

By the end of the summer, I was always sad that the beach volleyball season was done. However, I felt stronger and more confident to go back to the hard court. Jumping higher, defending lower, moving faster and being more communicative are just a few of the things I learned at Dr. Corrado’s camp that I brought with me to my indoor game. My coaches could recognize the improvements I had made, and each year I look forward to the next camp to improve my skills on the beach and have my limits pushed by Dr. Corrado and his team of great coaches. Thank you!

Megan Smith